Today’s To Do List:

Say The Great Invocation
Check out Today’s News and say a prayer to uplift humanity
Take one action step to demonstrate your spiritual leadership
Join today’s Planetary World Service Vision
Go out of your way to be unconditionally loving towards self and others
Concentrate your consciousness on the re-inclusion of Spiritual values in all schools worldwide
At night, Soul travel to the ashram of Chohan Kuthumi and ask to be trained in the Second Ray

Welcome to the Second Ray Department

The Second Ray Department deals with Spiritual education, teaching and reformation. As such, this section of our website is dedicated to support the re-integration of Spiritual principles into our educational system and field. Essentially, the Second Ray Energy deals with love, wisdom and understanding. It takes love and wisdom to foster understanding on Earth.

The overall objective of our Second Ray Department is to hold the thought and ideal of the positive re-inclusion of Spiritual values in all schools, universities and educational outposts around the world, and to help make education both accessible and affordable for every human being on Earth.

On a personal level make a decisive decision to remain in unconditional love all day long and to not give into fear, no matter what may happen throughout the day. FEAR = short for False Evidence Appearing Real. FEAR = the false evidence of separation appearing real. In short: fear is an illusion because the truth is that we are all interconnected and one.


Planetary World Service is dedicated to world peace, world education, world prosperity, world cultural harmony, world knowledge, world religious unification, and the overall restructuring of society around the globe.

Quote Of The Day

What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.


7 Days 7 Rays


The Official I AM University and Company of Heaven Master Thesis on How to Become a Master Spiritual, Psychological and Earthly Counselor for Self and Others
This Training Manual is the most comprehensive and most complete training in psychological, Spiritual and earthly counseling that has ever been written or channelled on Earth. Considered the culmination of Dr Stone’s definitive works in co-creation with Spirit and the Masters! This Training Manual continues where traditional psychology leaves off. Whereas the traditional ways of counseling are confined to the personality level and try to facilitate healing within the “net of duality,” this Training Manual explores and introduces Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Counseling that integrates the three levels of man’s constitution which are known as personality, Soul and Monad; and if that were not enough it goes beyond psychological counseling and includes the physical/ Earthly and Spiritual dimension of self! Only if approached from such an integrated and full spectrum prism understanding can true and everlasting healing and realization occur! Must read for any sincere seeker of the light. Details
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