Today’s To Do List:

Say The Great Invocation
Check out Today’s News and say a prayer to uplift humanity
Take one action step to demonstrate your spiritual leadership
Join today’s Planetary World Service Vision
Go out of your way to be unconditionally loving towards self and others
Concentrate your consciousness on the re-inclusion of Spiritual values in all schools worldwide
At night, Soul travel to the ashram of Chohan Kuthumi and ask to be trained in the Second Ray

Welcome to the Third Ray Department

The Third Ray Department mainly deals with finance, trade, business, and economics. As such, this section of our website is dedicated to support the provision of all of humanity with food, shelter, and a life of prosperity and dignity. Essentially, the Third Ray Energy deals with the principle of activity and using intelligence in an active way so as to make tangible change happen in the world.

The overall objective of our Third Ray Department is to hold the thought and ideal of a fair trade world where its every citizen is provided with all Spiritual, psychological and Earthly support needed to live a life of dignity and prosperity.

On a personal level make a decisive decision to use your intelligence in an active way throughout the day. Make a conscious choice to actively apply your wisdom and intelligence in your daily life and to be self aware as an intelligent and capable being. Most importantly, take action! Choose an action that challenges you to apply your wisdom and moves you forward.


Planetary World Service is dedicated to world peace, world education, world prosperity, world cultural harmony, world knowledge, world religious unification, and the overall restructuring of society around the globe.

Quote Of The Day

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

7 Days 7 Rays


The Basic Constitution of the Mental Body, the Concept of Kama-Manas, the Unreality of Manomaya Kosha, Some Lessons of the Atlantean and Aryan Root Races...
This primer covers a wide range of subjects pertaining to the mental body, including insights on the lower concrete versus higher abstract mind, the issue of thought and thought forms, and a Spiritual perspective on the evolution of the brain in man and animal. Further discussed in this document is the process of thinking with relation to the Root Races, the famed “10% Myth,” and examples of contemporary physical and psychological lessons tracing back to humanity’s Atlantean past. Also included are some calculations computing an average value of total thought forms created by some countries, the European Union, and the world as a whole per generation and lifetime. Details
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