Today’s To Do List:

Say The Great Invocation
Review Today’s News and say a prayer to uplift humanity
Take one action step to demonstrate your spiritual leadership
Join today’s Planetary World Service Vision
Take one definite action step to change your life in a way that gives you a greater sense of freedom
Concentrate your consciousness on the ideal of personal and global transformation
At night, Soul travel to the ashram of Chohan St Germain and ask to be trained in the Seventh Ray

Welcome to the Seventh Ray Department

The Seventh Ray Department deals with the restructuring of society as well as all the kingdoms of nature, and the vision of a new awakened world. As such, this section of our website is dedicated to the protection of animals and nature, and to the restructuring of society after Spiritual principles and ideals. Essentially, the Seventh Ray Energy deals with transformation, freedom and global restructuring as a key to truly birth a new humanity.

The overall objective of our Seventh Ray Department is to hold the thought and ideal of personal and global transformation as a key to collectively take humanity into heights unmatched by any previous civilization this world has ever seen.

On a personal level make a decisive decision to transform and change your personal life and consciousness in some way that gives you a greater sense of freedom.


Planetary World Service is dedicated to world peace, world education, world prosperity, world cultural harmony, world knowledge, world religious unification, and the overall restructuring of society around the globe.

Quote Of The Day

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

7 Days 7 Rays


The Secondary Pranas of Eastern Thought and Philosophy: An Evaluation of the Pranic Differentiations in the Pranic Body with an Overview of their Clinical Pictures
The etheric body is the famed “storehouse of all prana.” The Bhagavad-Gita divides bodily prana into five differentiations, so called “pranas, secondary pranas, life currents, vital breaths, vital fluids, vital airs, or vayus,” including: (1) prana, (2) samana, (3) apana, (4) udana, and (5) vyana. Altogether these secondary pranas in the etheric body maintain the entire physiological function of the dense physical body. This document discusses incipiently the various functions of the vayus in the pranic body and delineates specific clinical pictures more or less related to a disruption of the pranic current in the pranic or etheric vehicle. Details
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