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Planetary World Service is a project and division of the I AM University, an educational body dedicated to the development of global consciousness.

The purpose and intention of this website is to offer a platform for Consciousness Workers worldwide so we may focus our combined energies towards the realization of world peace, world education, world prosperity, world cultural harmony, world knowledge, world religious unification, and the overall restructuring of society around the globe.

Planetary World Service believes in the power of group consciousness and in the need of the hour to focus and channel our collective energies towards a joint goal and greater vision in order to truly effect positive change in the world.

Essentially, this website is set up in seven main departments. In occult thought these departments are called Ray Departments, denoting seven main energies that express on Earth on a global scale. They are:

 Ray Department
Field of Activity
 Ray 1
 Government & Politics; International Relations
 Ray 2
 (Spiritual) Education & Teaching; Writing, Speaking, Radio, TV
 Ray 3
 Finance, Trade, Business & Economics
 Ray 4
 Sociology; Race & Culture Cooperation & Conciliation; Arts
 Ray 5
 Science; Medicine & Psychology
 Ray 6
 Religion, Ideology, Philosophy
 Ray 7
 Restructuring of Society; Nature

For more information, please read the short introductory welcome for each respective Ray Department. In essence, these seven main departments cover all aspects of our society and world. We have set up RSS News Feeds to keep you updated on the developments on those seven fronts, we are continually adding interesting movie clips and web links on the Rays to educate and inspire, we are posting available Ray-related literature, we have recorded a "Personal and Global Thought Focus and Vision" for each of the Seven Rays and we even have dedicated a day each week to one of the Seven Great Rays. We have also set up a Community Portal to inspire exchange between Consciousness Workers, and - starting later in 2010 - we will be hosting "90-Day Challenge" Leadership Lessons, featuring different Leadership Role Models, with the hope to inspire you to emulate our role model as part of your Planetary World Service.

By keeping close watch on the developments in the respective Ray Departments - as indicated above - and by continually polishing our own consciousness and contributing to a global fusing of the power of all cosmopolitans who hold and share the higher vision of advancing humanity into a new era and age of brotherliness and benevolence, we may, we can, and we will have a positive impact on this world.

As part of planetary citizenship, everyone living in this world shares in the global responsibility to make this Planet a more beautiful, harmonious and peaceful place. This website aims to help you fulfill this responsibility by providing you with a platform that allows you to partake in a global project to initiate humanity into a heightened state of consciousness and awareness through Planetary World Service.

In your service,
Gloria Excelsias
Founder of Planetary World Service

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