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A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Societal Restructuring, Nature, Transformation and Freedom

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Close your eyes.

Feet firmly planted on the floor, relax your whole body, breathing out all tensions and clearing your consciousness of all negative energies and thoughts.

We begin this Planetary World Service Vision with a cleansing, purification and elimination of all lower energies and expressions in the consciousness of humanity of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Freedom.

See in your mind’s eye how all the Planetary World Servers around the world together with your powerful presence draw out all lower manifestations of Transformation and Freedom from humanity’s collective consciousness by force of your combined concentration, thought and will power. You can visualize this as pulling out weeds from the “consciousness-garden” of mankind. So help to pull out from the collective consciousness of humanity all pride, bigotry, self-opinion and over-indulgence.

Take a few moments to do and experience this now.

As you pull out these unqualified energies you re-qualify them with the Higher Light of Life by virtue of your mind power and sheer intention. Or just visualize a huge Violet Flame transform all lower expressions into the Pure White Light of Life.

As the lower expressions are drawn out from the collective consciousness of humanity, see, feel and visualize a massive violet-colored river of Seventh Ray Energy flowing down from Heaven, washing over all of humanity with higher Seventh Ray Energy. See, feel and visualize how every man and every woman on Earth takes in of this energy whatever they are capable of handling in a constructive and meaningful way.

This violet-colored energy carries solely the higher attributes of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Freedom. So as you see this violet-colored river wash over humanity, hold steady in your mind’s eye the thought and image of an awakened humanity that globally and collectively demonstrates the consciousness of Transformation and Freedom, the energy of Spiritual magic, the attributes organization and Divine structure, and the thought form of transmutation and transfiguration.

Take a moment to do this now and send off these thought forms into the collective pool of human consciousness.

Remember, energy follows thought. Wherever you put your attention, this is what grows. Realize that your thoughts are real and powerful, and that they do have a really powerful and powerfully real impact on mass consciousness.

The only way this world can truly change is through the unfoldment and evolution of the consciousness of every citizen living in this world. So this first part of this Seventh Ray Planetary World Service Thought Focus and Vision speaks to the transformation of the individual consciousness of all humans on Earth. We aid this by anchoring the appropriate thought form into the collective consciousness as we have just done. Thought has the power to change our reality because thought creates our reality. Thought, the agent of consciousness, makes our consciousness real.

Now, it is time for the anchoring of the blueprint of the Divine Plan as it unfolds through the Seventh Ray Department of Societal Restructuring and Nature.

We do this by sending off towards humanity the thought form of mankind’s oneness with Mother Earth and all life, and of mankind treating the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms in harmony with Divine provision. Send off the thought form of environmentalism becoming part and parcel of everyone’s consciousness, and of research and development of new systems of energy, transport and commerce gaining increasing prominence.

Send out any thought forms pertaining to Societal Restructuring and Nature that come to mind to help anchor the blueprint of the Divine Plan as it unfolds through the Seventh Ray Department.

Gather all your concentration and focus, and hold within your mind’s eye the blueprint of the Divine Plan of the Seventh Ray Department of Societal Restructuring and Nature. Let this vision be the only thought on your mind. Give it 100% of your concentration and mind power and do not allow yourself to steer away from this thought. Hold over the consciousness of humanity this collective thought form. Realize that you are anchoring a new reality and that you are introducing a powerful, massive, evolved thought form into the global pool of human consciousness, and that this Divine thought form will have an impact on the thoughts, feelings and actions of all people on Earth as it discharges upon mass consciousness. This thought form is massive and powerful because all Planetary World Servers around the world continually and regularly feed this gigantic thought form by virtue of their directed mind power and targeted consciousness.

So take a few moments to anchor this thought form of the Divine Plan unfolding through the Seventh Ray Department of Societal Restructuring and Nature. …. And when you feel ready, allow this perfected thought form to merge and integrate with the consciousness of all the people on Earth … slowly but surely helping to bring about positive change on Earth as it sparks within humanity the overall thought and ideal of personal and global transformation as a key to collectively take humanity into heights unmatched by any previous civilization this world has ever seen.

Before we close this visionary thought focus, take a few silent moments to direct the power of your consciousness and the energy of your prayers towards any topical environmental or animal-related issues around the world that are in need of positive attention and healing at this time, whatever nature they may be.

Slowly, filled with grace, love and an inner sense of fulfilment, open your heart wider than ever before and send all the love and light in your heart, mind and consciousness all around the world, to all of humanity and to Planet Earth Herself, in appreciation for providing us with a planetary home.

Overcome with a deep sense of accomplishment and fulfilment of your duty as an active Planetary World Server, fully empowered and instilled with a new-found sense of appreciation for the power of your consciousness as a tool to render Planetary World Service, move your attention fully back into the present now moment … and when you are ready, you may open your eyes … inspired to translate your world serving thoughts and consciousness into analogous physical action on Earth.

Thank you for being part of the Planetary World Service Team.

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.

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